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A new blogging site (just what everyone needed).

I’ve created a new bogging site without ads.  I find that I often run across web articles or sites that I find interesting or that I believe help me to grow as a Christian.  In the past I posted these sites on my free WordPress site and referred to them there when I wanted to review them.  I did not advertise this blogging site, as I was using it mostly for my own reference.  Today I decided to increase my presence in order to glorify God’s name and encourage other believers.

I will continue to link to articles and sites that I believe can help me and other believers.  If you find this site helpful, encourage your friends to look.  If you find this site distasteful, let me know (please be specific concerning what about this site disturbs you).  I promise I will consider each person’s input.

The first question of the Westminster Shorter Catechism asks, “What is man’s chief end?”  The answer – “Man’s chief end is to glorify God and enjoy him forever.”  This is my plan and my purpose.

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Desperately pursuing Christ!

2 thoughts on “A new blogging site (just what everyone needed).”

  1. so how can i get these automatically…and we miss yo so much …but theres no greater joy than following God where He leads you….proud for you sharing what God gives you to others….


    1. Hi Vicky,
      Thanks for your comment. As for getting these automatically, there should be a button that allows you to follow the blog. When I go to the site on my tablet, a button titled “follow” pops up at the bottom of the page.

      I really miss you all too, but God is good and He lets me see some of you on occasion. Please stay in touch.


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