Ignorance guarantees ungodliness

Literally, all the power available from God to live and be godly comes through knowledge! Amazing! What a premium we should put on doctrine and instruction in the Scriptures! Life and godliness are at stake.

A devotional by John Piper


Evangelism in a post-Christian culture

Recently (last August), Andy Stanley preached a series titled “Who Needs God.” In this series, he preached a message called “The Bible Tells Me So” (located here), which addresses issues that affect our ability to evangelize those individuals Stanley identifies as post-Christian.  In all honesty, I’ve not listened to the message but I have seen the deluge of responses to it.  So many were offended by Stanley’s message that he felt the need (justifiably) to explain his position in a fairly long article located here.

I’ve said for some time that our recourse to biblical authority is no longer persuasive to those who do not share our background and it is becoming increasingly apparent that many who may have shared our background no longer accept the bible as authoritative.  That does not mean that the bible is any less true than it has always been, it just means that we might need to adjust our method of  communicating that truth to others.  This, I think, is Stanley’s argument.

Albert Mohler presents a rather scathing attack on Stanley’s message (presumably before Stanley’s explanation)  in which he points out that, once we begin down the slippery slope of biblical doubt, it is difficult to slow or reverse our descent.

Of the many responses to Stanley’s message and article, I found that John Piper presents the most balanced analysis here.

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